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       Enzo Angiolini Shoes

For the the latest in stylish footwear, Enzo Angiolini shoes is recognized worldwide for their unique designs and their comfortable fit. With a style for virtually every occasion, the Enzo shoes collection is bound to have the perfect addition to any outfit. Timeless sophistication, European styling details, and a focus on superior quality craftsmanship enable Enzo Angiolini to deliver on its promise of attainable luxury in women's footwear.

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Here is what some people thinks about Enzo Shoes:

"The sandals were my first Enzo Angiolini purchase. I bought them about two years ago. I haven't worn them as much as I would like, because my companion's height is not suitable for these shoes. Periodically I wear these high sandals with long skirts. I have a narrow foot and even with the 9N, I had to use cushions, just like most shoe purchases. I wish I didn't have to do this. I rate the sandals as a "10" with the inserts and an "8" without. They are pretty. They were nice enough brand that I did buy my second Enzo Angiolini shoes yesterday, Black boots Easentials "Back Up" 2437. I am hoping to make these my favorite boots. I have already had three other boot purchases that have not been "the pair" to beat my "Kikits". That pair has been to the shop on several occassions and now the zipper's about "to go". PLEASE... be my new pair of fav' boots. "

"I love, love, love your shoes but cannot get a lot of wear out of them. They are the most comfortable that I've worn but wear out too quickly. The soles are the first to go but I will still wear them until the back of the heel goes. They ususlly separate and fall off. I wear any one pair for maybe 2x per week. Please try better. They are not inexpensive shoes (for me anyway)."

"I love these classic shoes that make any outfit. I get compliments any time I wear my Enzo Angiolini shoes. They are the best!!!!"

"Yo Enzo Shoes! What have you done to what were the most comfortable shoes in the world? The new materials in these shoes are cheap, thin and flimsy. There's no substance to the sole and no support. And the uppers aren't nearly as soft, supple and comfortable as they used to be. I'd rather wear the box. You've ruined my favorite shoe!"

"I bought a pair of Enzo sandals a couple years ago and I loved them. This pair of sandals are causal, but elegant and simple and they fit very well on long and slim feet."

"These are the most comfy high heels I've ever worn. They are snazzy and snappy and fit so great on wide feet like mine. Very stylish with attitude! I've got black, but I'm getting another pair in another color because they're so great! Good job, Enzo."

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